A Change Overnight

Jemima goes by different names; Cinderella, JimJam, Gems, and a lot of variants of Sherlock according to the context. Sherlock is my evil prodigy; a shishya who outdid her teacher in evilness. Needless to say, almost all that we speak is gibberish - just like Frau van Gogh. She was named Sherlock as a part... Continue Reading →

Under Attack! #Kerala

Posted it on 7th; was badly affected by it, so deleted it soon after. Recovered on 10th. This is a small prayer request. Somehow, we (of state Kerala in India) feels we are being attacked from all directions. Landslide: Woke up to the news that a landslide in Idukki buried approx 70 people, of which,... Continue Reading →

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