The Philosopher’s Stone

One day, a philosopher found a beautiful stone. He wondered what to do with it, and after contemplating for a long time on possible ways the stone may entertain him, he decided to try throw it up and throw it down at the same time.

That was a saisfying meal for him as a philosopher, I tell you.

(…and I’m clearly bored, you might have noticed it already!)



(This is my reply to Tikka’s marriage invitation, one of the most happening woman I’ve seen back there in Pondy)


Got your messages, mails:-)

I’m here in Chennai, but unfortunately in a deadlock!

I wonder why August 28th is a good day to get married, because my cousin, a classmate from PU and you are getting married on the same day and unfortunately I’m going to miss all three! Smeh. 

Quite a lot happening around me (this time they are happening by themselves, and I’m not making them happen) and that gives me a lot of possibilities to dramatically excuse myself from anything that comes on my way. After all, we all live everyday just to put up a new and exciting drama, don’t you think so?

Plus a fever I caught from somewhere between Tambaram and Kodambakkam to add to the flavour.

Plus the crane’s about to deliver a child to my sister – that’s the cherry on top. She’ll manage the crane, but I’m in charge of Amazon that will deliver other things while she’s in hospital and the elder one, Alana. Waiting for delivery message from both crane and Amazon now, we will get it all hopefully in a day or two.

See, I sound a lot saner now right? 

Anyway, back to you! Get happy and get married for life! Plant good guava tree in your field, you can always trust a guava more than apples! Plus, I like guava better than apples!;-)

Oh, and don’t forget to panic a bit about wedding arrangements! Do some drama (the happy drama) to make that day kinda happening beyond everyone’s expectation!

May be the Oppa Tikka style! 

With Love,

A fever flavoured cake with a lot of mess to sort and a cherry on top.

Correction: Grace says storks give babies and not cranes. Whatever. The rest is still from Amazon, I’m pretty sure about it.

Hello World (Again!)

And I decided to start writing (again)! 

The other day Pavi proved that I’m highly (or as she dramatically put it, “very very highly”) impulsive with her crazy line-circle-painting practical test. She also told me I’ve got a lot of ‘p’-something skill too. Well, back then I believed anything high is good, very high is very good, and I felt like a very very rich man after talking to her! 

I don’t think anything else better explains why I deleted my last personal blog and I regretted it the very next day.

Here I am almost a year later, back blogging.

There will be the same old senselessness, and fact that I may be working for a while hopefully starting next week, you can also expect few mlanathafied (depressing) posts out of work-stress. I’d be meeting a lot of new people, and a few old people at a different level – it’s equally exciting and scary!

Let’s see how long this blog survives.

Bis bald. (Showing off my German skills)