Quite a dramatic mixture of events for a day it is, I tell you.

There was Mary Poppins. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Uncle-neice time. A happy mail to Lipsa.

Then mom calls. A silent wish from sister to get out of her house as her in laws are coming, and the house can’t hold everyone together.

The conversation with mom goes this way:

Mom: Did you get tickets for tomorrow?

Me: No. There’s no ticket for today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Mom: Why don’t you try for today?

Me: No tickets.

Mom: Why not today?

Me: No tickets.

Mom: Then?

Me: Let me see. There are tickets on Monday. I’ll come somehow.

Mom: Why don’t you come stay here two more days? Come on Saturday.

Me: No, amma, no ticket! (attempt not to lose my temper is evidently there)

(sister interupts and gets phone from me, gives it back to me)

Mom: Did you try for tickets on Sunday?

Me: It’s not there.

Mom: Then try for today!

Me: There’s no ticket today!

Mom: You should have booked last week itself!

Me: I was unsure when I will have to meet sir again. I thought I’ll book after that.

Mom: Sure there’s no ticket today?


Mom: Come two days before Monday!

Me: That’s Saturday, and that day is also called tomorrow, and there’s no ticket, and I HAVE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR PAST 15MINUTES NOW!

Mom: You and your bad attitude! I was just asking you if there’s ticket tomorrow!

Me: There’s none, not today, not tomorrow, and not day after tomorrow. I don’t know what else to say! (all anger aside, as calm as I can, because I knew anger is not helping)

Mom: I hate your attitude these days. Learn to speak nicely.


I will speak only when you are done shouting!

(silence again)


Me: I didn’t say a word.

Mom: (more silence)

Shout at me all that you want.

Me: I still didn’t say a word. Are you not well?

Mom: Yes. Bad cold for two days. Is there ticket for tomorrow?

Me: (having lost hope, calmly) Amma, there’s no ticket.

(carefully diverts conversation to something else.)

Well, all that half n hour of phone conversation could have cut short in two simple lines,

“Did you get tickets for tomorrow?”

“No – there’s none available today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow.”

which had actually happened right at the beginning of the conversation.

The phone rings again. It’s mom again.

“They say my phone won’t work until recharge?”

“Ok, I will, it’s plan voucher. Not recharge.”

“You need the debit card number?”

“No, I can manage without it!”

(cuts the call)

Phone rings again.

“Here’s the card details”

“I don’t need it, amma!”

“Then how will you recharge?”

“It’s saved online”

“Still I will tell you the number.”

“I don’t need it. Just wait for sometime!”

Phone rings again.

And again.

And again.

Test of patience. Successfully managed to not express the frustration to anyone.

Neice wakes up. I went near her and she screams telling me to move away. Silently walks away, she might not not-express her anger like me.

Phone rings again.

I figure out how to fix the plan voucher thing. Fixed. Phone rings again to tell me it’s fixed now. Shuts down my laptop.

Phone rings again. This time, it’s Christy.

Christy: Da, NET results are out.

Me: Going with the flow of the day, I think I already know the results.

Christy: What is it?

Me: Still, let me check it once before confirming.

Laptop booting up, and just as I expected, my roll number is not there among qualified candidates. I was reminded of Danielle, who had written an exam a week before mine, and results came last week that she did not clear it. Both of us were pretty confident about the results, that we will clear it, and both seemed to have failed.


Me: Not there.

Christy: Aiyyo!

Me: I’d be gone form visible world for few days.

(throws phone away)

Reminded of Ammu, who’s busy answering few tough questions about life.

Few seconds later, I find myself wondering the same. At least I’ve got this blog to  vent worries of my heart.

I think I’ll just get out of the house and walk down until I get lost.

And try saying “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

Bis bald.


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