Sister: “Da, what do you think about that girl”
Me: “I don’t think much about that girl”
Sister strikes again: “This girl?”
Me: “Why should I be thinking about girls now?”
Sister: “Just asked, don’t worry!”
Me: “Don’t ask, don’t worry! When it’s time, I’ll tell you!”

This kept happening, almost everyday I was there in Chennai.

“Do come – it’s my marriage, and I haven’t met you since school days!”

As if he did not have any other reason to call me, out of the blue, after almost 10 years!

“Da, I want to write one more book soon. Well, at least for my matrimony profile! The pressure to get settled is mounting up in my family”
Me: “If it helps you get married fast, I am with you!”

The next one:

“They say I must get married this year!”
Me: “Just had that conversation with someone in the morning! Why does all conversations end up in marriage today?”

At church:

Random uncle: “What are you doing now a days?”
Me: “Looking ahead for research”
Random uncle strikes again: “Research? How long will that course take?”
Me, having figured out where the conversation is heading: “3-4 years, minimum?”
Random uncle: “Oh, okay” (could read that disappointment on his face)

And then I text that random woman from contact list:

Me: How’s life?
“I got married last week”
Me: Woah! The right day to get in touch I think! Congratulations!!!

Wish that ended there!

“Da, does the family not pressurise you to get married?”
Me: “Well, they know I have given them a no-go notice till I’m 29, and mature enough to get married!”

No, that’s not the end!

Me: Will surely pray for the thing you told me!
“Then what should I pray about, for you? That you find a girl soon?”
Me: Well, give it some more time! Must I not learn some cooking before get married? Give me two to three years! I’m a slow learner!
“Cooking? Why?”
Me: Don’t you woman like to take break from kitchen once in a while?
“Which planet are you from?”

Well, I hope I’ll not have a nightmare about getting married tonight!

You might have figured out why I named the post “I’m 25 and I’m constantly reminded about it.”


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