When life give you lemons…

A friend just posted this as her WhatsApp status:

When life gives you lemon, make lemon tarts – foodie

Such a big lie by an extreme optimistic foodie!

I just wanted some junk to start writing with. It’s been ages since I poured my heart out here and I am sure at the end of the day, this is one of the best thing that happened to me – the blog (which got deleted, again and again).

What’s been happening with me? I got a job, which is not trivial according to society. I am at the onset of my missions, drawing war plans. I’m teaching. I realise that students are the best things that happened ot me and are turning out to be my best friends. I love them, love them all, and that kept me away from this blog all these days! A bit less of love to them, a boring class, a word of correction to them, would disappoint me just too bad – and I took all the effort from my side to not let that happen.

I attended Haggai Institute National Conference, too! That consolidated quite a lot of things God’s been talking to me and much more.

First semester was not perfect – but I think I did a good job. These are the scales I tried to implement:

  1. Be approachable to the students.
  2. Love them, more like fatherly love and not be mistaken.
  3. Devise my own teaching method.
  4. Venture into encouraging students to explore textbooks themselves, and out of textbook, taking it to the next level.
  5. Make friends.
  6. Bring in technology – and make the best of it in classroom and outside.

I am glad to say it’s been a great pleasure chasing these dreams. And satisfying, too! Quite some learning, and in grounds of moral, academic and general interest, these are my aims for the next semester:

  1. Trust the students, and understand the right perspective of trust I must use – like how God trusts me, even knowing I am all determined to misuse the trust.
  2. Encourage them to not stop with textbook, but venture beyond that, to make an impact.
  3. Be prepared with classes well in ahead – a week’s portions to be prepared the week before.
  4. Convince students to take higher steps, aspire higher in studies and life.
  5. Help them, convince them to try get clarity on life, on what to do next and help them in preparing to achieve their dreams.
  6. Finish the book project.
  7. With an evil intention – cultivate an interest in astronomy among students. The intention being revival of department telescope.
  8. Spare a good share of my income at the moment for students, to enable them, to help them in need and to give supplements for study.
  9. Finish planning and start the new mission strategy.
  10. Go home, more often.

That’s a long list already I think. Will expand it in course of time, if necessary. Onward ho! The battle countdown has begun, it’s due to start next week!

Apart from that – marriage is a recurring thought off late – not that I want to get married now, ideally, I would love to meet the lady of my life sometime around now, and get to know her better.

Eagerly waiting for December!

The other best thing in my life are my pen friends. I don’t know – there’s a lot of uncertainty about them that adds to the beauty of relationship – in fact, you just have one short mail a week, and you got to tell all that’s needed to be said that you tend to say only things that matter – unlike other friendships in person. And the wait is uncertain – you don’t know when you will get a mail or even if you will ever get a mail!

Darn. I must write back to them all soon. Time’s been ticking and job kept me busy, and I lost track of it.

I’ll kill my random rumblings here.

Ciao. Hope to write soon again!

P.S. I will be all hyper about this post and delete it very soon, the way I usually do it.