Back to Sanity

Well, this is second part of yesterday’s: I was fairly depressed over nothing, and that post was celebrating the same, harmlessly.

I’ve come to a conscience. I must thank Randy Pausch, my students who said “We were reminded of you when we read that book [The Last Lecture]!” Halfway through the book, I feel we have a lot in common – from arrogance, habits, similar teaching styles, aspirations (his ideas are a bit more mature, given he had experience of years!) – I find three pillars of his life missing in mine – the fact that he acknowledged that he is dying (and I must confess each class I took last semester was as if it is my last lecture), Jai, and he was famous. I am pretty sure of doing the first, and at least one of the last two.

I also plan to take a second SIM, to isolate all academic/professional bonding to that number.

He must also be thanked for convincing me to buy a Kindle – which will save a lot of papers next sem, as I plan on using it to read my lecture notes in class, apart from celebrating return of reading habits for the year.

Dealing with Junk

  1. To better deal with junk, and to keep lectures afresh in coming semesters, I decided to delete all slides, other materials I prepared last semester. May be, typed in materials may be saved – because I can always work on improving it instead of retyping it.

Outline for Next Sem

Subject 1

Class Pattern
  1. During initial days, we will spend two hours for lectures, and the third hour for worksheet.
  2. Class will be split into 8 groups. I will be member of a group, and each group will have 5 person each. Groups will be shuffled 5 times. Each time, a new leader will be opted, in such a way that each person will a be leader, at least once.
  3. You will have to sit in groups for worksheet classes.
  4. Leaders/Group Schedule will be given at the beginning of the semester.
3CA Pattern
  1. Every month, one of the third/sixth hours will be used for review quiz, out of 15 marks each. Same day, leaders will be changed. There will be three such tests.
  2. Instead of fourth, fifth, and sixth test, you will be marked for any attempt to write your own proofs. Average of best of four will be taken, out of 15.
  3. Group leader’s worksheets will be collected and corrected, who in turn has to correct other’s papers and report back. Whether or not to work on those sheets is their wish – I will not force anyone, except the group leader – who will be marked with 5 marks in 3CA, for their leadership and worksheets. Everyone will be a leader at least once.
  4. When you are the leader, I will watch you closely and give you comments on how you can improve yourself. To listen, or not, is your wish.
  5. Another component of 3CA will be assignments, as all of you wanted. It will again be for 5 marks.

Subject 2

Class Pattern
  1. As I am exploring the subject myself, I will be making the rules for it dynamically. This will be the second course of my attention.
3CA Pattern
  1. Approximate: Assignments will be for 20 marks, 20 marks for seminars, 10 marks for some extra activity we may do in class.


Class Pattern
  1. First week will be spend on two things: 1, familiarising ourselves with mechanical systems we will be studying in the semester, and prerequisites required for other chapters.
  2. Second week onwards, once basic is set by teacher sharing the paper, I will start with unit 2.
3CA Pattern
  1. 10 marks for seminar.
  2. 15 for review quiz, one every month.
  3. 5 marks for assignments.
  4. This plan is not confirmed, as I will have to discuss further with teacher I am sharing the course with.

Allied I for Chemistry

Class Pattern
  1. One class will be entirely spend on theory.
  2. Next two hours will be spend on problems, which we will work as groups.
  3. You will be split into 10 groups of 5 members each.
3CA Pattern
  1. Every fourth hour, there will be a review quiz for 15 marks each. Average of best 4 will be taken for 15 marks.
  2. 5 Marks for assignment, to be submitted as a group (and each member will have to answer a question related to assignment submitted).

Done. Dusted.

A crazy semester is done and I have re-dedicated myself to my old decision – leave no traces! I applied it wrong towards the end of last one – I made them hate me as I wound up – I can’t think of why I wanted to end so!

You are not allowed to read any further. Major part, that’s nearly 100% of it is pessimism from someone who was very highly arrogant and optimistic. Then why the hell did I post it here? Because it’s my blog, and here is where I vent my frustration, here is where I feel comfortable, and home when I am most insecure. And it never failed to console me, never failed hide the little tears out here – except now and then, when it gossips about it in WordPress Dashboard of unknown entities around the globe.

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