The Noodle Dream

Scrolling through the WordPress Reader, I came across this post by Pointless Overthinking.

Way back in January of 2020, before the virus started changing everything about the way we live, I had this recurring dream. I don’t always recall my dreams, so when I remember one, I pay attention to it.

My Fun and Interesting Hair Experiment

I was reminded first of a bunch of (cartoon) movie references about dream, including Kung Fu Panda and Tangled.

I’ve had a dream too, a recurring one.

It did not just appear when I was kid, it followed me all the way through college – and had it again two months ago, after a gap of nearly 5-6 years.

They are not all the same. And it’s borderline unrealistic, too, unlike the post I quoted above.

But there was one thing constant. In all of them, I will be harmlessly flying around. Not exactly flying, I was gliding, little up in the air. There is a specific way I did that, too. I’d bend my right leg up, and I’ll start gliding.

In the initial dreams, people were looking at me in wonder, and in eventual dreams they were not that surprised. I was also a bit scared to do it, did fall down a couple of times.

I was not being a hero, or saving the world, but simply enjoying the moment – of flying.

In the sequels, I had mastered the skill, upgrading it one by one.

Once in a dream I started trying to lift myself higher off the ground, and I lost control and fell down. The fall felt so real that I woke up (no, I did not fall off the bed!)

In the most recent dream, I was able to glide up in the sky, even vertically up – only thing holding me back was my fear of experiences frim past, if I’ll fall again.

I finally had the noodle dream, and I didn’t follow it through.


The thing with dreams is, do we follow them up or do they just happen to you, like the universe conspiring stuff cooked up in The Alchemist?

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Or do we fall down from sky to start making it all happen?

Unless there’s drama involved, just not too tempted. Let it happen in its own time.

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