I’m Jesse P Francis

Christian, Mathematician, Programmer, Artist, I write, Philatelist, Numismatist and you name a tempting field and I’ll explore it.

Dad’s an editor and I do that as well, though I haven’t sharpened my skills in it much.

Mom’s a teacher, and I do that too! Currently working as Assistant Professor in Madras Christian College, Chennai, in the department I did my UG! I’m more effective communicating to 6-8 a time, hence training myself to talk to 60-70 at a time! To explore possible ways to use technology in teaching, I’ve started this blog. Take a look, and I’d be happy to hear your comments!

I talk a lot, when I’m excited. I’m a social bee when I feel like, and the other second you would find me locked up in a room all to myself, enjoying every bit of solitude. That’s when productivity is at its peak.

I’m one of those cyclops. It took me a while (8hrs exactly since I posted this) to accept the fact, thanks to Christy.

As Christy asked, why do I put my head into all these fields? It helps! Who knows, it might be a Forst’s poem that solves an age old mathematical problem – it’s good to know much as you can, across the fields!

Mathematics and Christianity would anyway remain in the core of all my searches.

I teach a lot, if I get someone to sit and listen. I love to debate on known topics – but if I don’t know about something/if I feel there’s nothing I can contribute to what someone else is saying, I’d say silent.

Off late the interest has turned to Economics (because someone told me there’s cool things to learn there), Genealogy (attempt to decode my family tree and history around it), Electronics and Medical Image Processing.

Photography is also a trending topic, mainly to train myself with Image Processing techniques. You can see them in my Instagram.

I’m reading 4th or 5th novel this year, thanks to my enlightened friends, specially Ammu who help me rediscover the joy of reading years that lost in a battle to computers few years back.

Movies interest me now unlike past. Mainly, the science behind it, background scores etc. Credit goes to Christy.

No, not music, though I am teaching Keyboard a bit myself.

When it comes to programming, I have tried my luck with C/C++/BASH/Angular 1/Perl/Python/PHP/HTML/Mathematica and now my focus is on MatLab, mainly for image processing.

How does my resume look like? Read a bit here and here.

I can keep writing. Leave a comment here to get in touch with me. If you would like to be a pen friend, leave your email address, I’d be happy to!!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Jesse P Francis.
    I want to say thanks to you about your great effort for this guide.
    You done really a good job by providing us such a great help in step by step manner. Today at last I get rid of all my problems in configuration of this tool.
    My all wishes are with you.
    Stay blessed and keep going on.


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