These are the best Bible related software I came across so far: I will keep updating it. Since the blog post is attracting audience from different corners of the world, made it a page so that it is easily accessible.

  1. YouVersion Bible

    (I have tried it on Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, 8.1 Desktop, iPhone, iPad. Also available for many other mobile OSs.)

    Sync between devices, download Bible for offline use, reading plans, reminders, ad-free (and much more). I have not seen any other feature rich, less buggy (only 2 crashes in last 3 months, compared to frequent crashes which made me remove other Bible apps) at the same time free Bible app so far.

    Install link for major OSs
    Mobile: AndroidWindows PhoneiPhone/iPadOthers
    Desktop: Windows Store (Desktop)
    Online: Web

  2. YouVersion Bible App for Kids

    (I tried it on Android)

    If you have a kid of age 2-10, I bet they will love the content of this app! My niece (2.5 years old) now prefers this to cartoons and tv shows, you can imagine!

    Install link for major OSs
    Mobile: AndroidiPhone/iPadKindle

  3. Bible Scree Bible Verse of the Day

    (Tried it on Android/Windows 8/8.1)

    More useful for Windows 8/8.1 desktop: you can set it to automatically change your screen lock wallpaper, and it will greet you with a new verse every time you switch your system on (if you are connected to internet). App for Android and iPhone are limited and only lets you download  wallpapers/view images.

    Install link for major OSs
    Desktop: Windows 8/8.1
    Mobile: AndroidiPhone/iPad

  4. DashClock Widget + YouVersion Bible/Other Extentions

    (Tried on:Android)

    Dash Clock is probably the most useful Android Widget I have come across so far: if you have YouVersion Bible App installed, App automatically enables “Verse of the Day” Extension. Alternatively, you can install Proverbs/Psalms/Ecclesiastes extensions, which will show verses from respective books.

    Install link:
    Android: DashClock (Widget), Proverbs/Psalms/Ecclesiastes/YouVersion Bible (Extensions)

  5. The Sword Project

    (Tried on:Windows/Linux/Mac)

    There are many Sword-Project based Bible apps for Windows/Linux/Mac available, most of them for free and bundled with many useful tools like games to memorize verses, reading plans, different versions of Bible, read/compare versions, study materials and study tools etc.

    Recommended Programs (OS-wise)
    Windows: e-Sword
    List on CrossWire Website: Full List, Windows, Linux, Mac

  6. RZIM by Abiah

    (Tried on Android)

    If you love Ravi Zachariahs’ messages, this is a one stop app for you.

    Install link for major OSs
    Mobile: AndroidiPhone/iPad

This list is incomplete. If you think there are any apps that I should try, please do let me know. I will keep updating it.


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